Winter Remodeling Is a Hot Topic

Posted on Monday, March 3rd, 2014

Winter Remodeling Is a Hot Topic

Winter is a great time to tackle your home remodeling project. Yes, the days are shorter – leaving you less time to work. Yes, it’s colder and the weather may not always cooperate. But on the sunny side of things, here are a few reasons why winter remodeling is a hot topic.

Winter Remodeling Is a Hot TopicVacations. Many people migrate south for the winter to find warmer weather. If you’re one of many people who prefer to thaw out down south during the winter, then it could be the perfect time to have your project completed by a trusted contractor. Let’s not downplay the advantage of avoiding the racket and  associated stress of living through a remodeling project. You’ll want to be away from your home during your winter remodeling project, so why not take a vacation?

Pricing. Because contractors are not as busy during the winter months, they tend to lower prices to pick up more business. Likewise, contractors may raise prices during the spring and summer months to correspond with the demand. Get the best bang for your buck and hire a trusted contractor to knock out your winter remodeling project before the prices begin to go back up.

Manufacturer incentives. Many manufacturers offer incentives to contractors to buy more product during the winter months. In turn, contractors may offer deeper discounted rates and extended warranties to make your winter remodeling project even more advantageous.Winter Remodeling Is a Hot Topic

Planning and scheduling. Winter remodeling allows more attention to be focused on your job, because contractors don’t have as much work during these “down times.”  The pace of most business slows during winter – especially if Jack Frost has his way with things. It’s easier to find quality contractors to plan your project, and schedule the work at your convenience.

Exterior remodeling. Ok… So it’s not advisable to paint the outside of your house during the winter because it tends to be wet in most areas of the country. But there are plenty of other exterior projects that are perfect for winter remodeling. Ideas for winter remodeling are things like, putting up a privacy fence, adding a deck or enclosing a porch.

What’s on your wish list for a winter remodeling project?

Harvard Sees Growth Accelerating in Remodeling Market

Posted on Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

An improving housing market and record low interest rates are driving projections of strong gains and home improvement activity through the end of the year and into the first half of 2013, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.  Its leading indicator of Remodeling Activity released today suggests that the seeds for what appears to be a very robust remodeling recovery have been planted with annual homeowner improvement spending expected to reach double-digit growth in the first half of 2013.

“After a bump in home improvement activity during the mild winter, there was a bit of a pause this summer”, says Eric S. Belsky, joint center managing director of the Joint Center.  “However, the LIRA is projecting an acceleration in market activity beginning this quarter, and strengthening as we move into the new year”.

“Strong growth in sales of existing homes and housing starts, coupled with historically low financial costs, have typically been associated with an upturn in home remodeling activity some months later,” says Kermit Baker, director of the Remodeling Futures Program at the Joint Center.  “While the housing market has faced some unique challenges in recent years, this combination is expected to produce a favorable outlook for home improvement spending over the coming months”.

The time is now to remodel.  If you want an experienced business that is trustworthy and financially sound to remodel your home’s exterior, call your local System Home Improvement Products Remodeler today.