Summary of Qualifications

Summary of Qualifications | Hire a Remodel Contractor

After publishing one of our blog articles titled, “Experienced Remodel Contractor,” it became apparent that homeowners are looking for a summary of qualifications when it comes to hiring a remodel contractor. We spoke with some of our System Remodelers and came up with just that – a summary of qualifications we believe are the most important things to consider when you want to hire a remodel contractor. So we decided to write a series on the subject and share the wisdom of some of the best remodel contractors in the business.

Summary of QualificationsOver the next few months we’ll explore our summary of qualifications to consider when getting ready to hire a remodel contractor and share ideas on how you can do your research to make a well-informed decision. Although we do not claim that our summary of qualifications will eliminate any challenges that may arise from your remodel project, we do hope you‘ll be better prepared and able to avoid many of the pitfalls and stress associated with the process.

Very often, friends and family will tell you “get several estimates, and make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured.” Of course this is excellent advice, and it is on our summary of qualifications. But there are so many more things to consider when preparing to hire a remodel contractor, to ensure a  successful remodeling process. At System Home Improvement Products, we believe that education is the key to creating better relationships and a higher level of satisfaction with our System Remodeler projects.

Some of the topics (not in any order of importance) we’ll cover in our series, “Summary of Qualifications | Hire a Remodel Contractor,” are things like…


  • Price
  • Licensed, Bonded and Insured
  • Reputation
  • Thorough estimate
  • Contract
  • Experience
  • References from customers
  • References from professional organizations
  • Training / Certifications
  • Company history
  • Job organization
  • Professional associations
  • Design services – Use of Technology to Visualize
  • Quality subcontractors
  • Job schedule
  • Employees or Subcontractors
  • Communications with Homeowner
  • Source of Business
  • Customer Service
  • Community Involvement
  • Creativity
  • Guarantees & Warranties
  • Craftsmanship
  • Jobsite clean up
  • Product selection
  • Reliable product supplier
  • Financial stability
  • Finance offering


If you can think of anything else that should be on our summary of qualifications to consider when you want to hire a remodel contractor, please let us known and state your case for why it should be added. If your idea is selected, we’ll send you a snappy System Home Improvement Products baseball cap that we hope you’ll sport with pride, and we’ll allow you bragging rights on our social networks.



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