Winter Remodeling | Insulated Vinyl Siding

Winter Remodeling | Insulated Vinyl Siding

Winter Remodeling | Insulated Vinyl SidingWinter in parts of the United States can be harsh. There is nothing like a bone-chilling draft in the house to remind you about that insulated vinyl siding remodeling project you’ve been meaning to do. Energy costs continue to soar and can be quite a strain on any budget. Fortunately, insulated vinyl siding is quite affordable and can help to significantly reduce energy consumption and lower your electric bill.

An older home can lose a fair amount of heat through the walls and can feel drafty during high winds and storms. You can eliminate the drafts and heat loss by installing insulated vinyl siding made with sheets of rigid foam insulation. The insulation will help hold in the heat while the siding helps keep the wind and cold out.

So now you’re wondering… “Can I install insulated vinyl siding as part of my winter remodeling project?” The answer is YES… but proceed with caution.

Winter Remodeling | Insulated Vinyl Siding

Insulated vinyl siding can be installed as a winter remodeling project, but there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. According to expert insulated vinyl siding installers, it takes more skill to install vinyl siding once the temperature drops near freezing. Vinyl siding becomes brittle and can easily break when struck hard. It requires experience to install vinyl siding without a large amount of cracked material.

Vinyl siding installed in extremely cold weather will expand slightly when temperatures rise, a fact experienced contractors keep in mind when detailing corners and windows.  When installing insulated vinyl siding as part of a winter remodeling project, prepare for a half inch expansion in length when summertime roll around. If not you could be dealing with some warped siding when things heat up.

Winter Remodeling | Insulated Vinyl SidingAlthough installing insulated vinyl siding as a winter remodeling project may have its challenges, if professionally done, it can last a lifetime and provide substantial comfort as well as reduce your energy costs.

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