Siding FAQs

What profiles do you offer in the System Siding?

We offer a Double 4″ (available in cedar or brushed finish), Double 5″ (available in cedar finish), Triple 3″ (available in brushed finish), and Double 4-1/2 Dutch Lap (available in cedar finish) available in up to 23 standard colors. A Single 8” is now available in white.

What profiles do you offer in Insulated System Siding?

We offer a traditional Double 6″, and a wide-style Single 7″ available in 21 standard colors, as well as a Double 4” and Double 4-1/2” Dutch Lap available in 15 standard colors.

Is there maintenance associated with vinyl siding?

Other than power washing your home to keep the dirt of of it, there is no painting, staining, or any other up keep associated with vinyl siding.

How is vinyl siding fastened to the wall?

Vinyl siding is fastened to the wall with nails driven through the nail hem and is then locked into place in the panel below it.

What about scratches and nicks on the siding?

Nicks and scratches are not visible because vinyl siding is color through.

What happens if water gets behind the siding?

A System Home Improvement install specialist will put up a vapor barrier before installing you siding. This barrier will keep water and other moisture from entering your home. In the event that water gets behind the siding, there are weep holes at the bottom of each panel of siding that draws moisture out and away from the wall.

I have seen vinyl siding that looks unsightly and cheap. Why is that?

“Builders Grade” vinyl siding is thin and therefore more susceptible to expansion and contraction. Additionally, when vinyl siding is not installed to industry standards, waviness and seams become visible.

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